Scrap and waste (trade)

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Scrap metals, non-ferrous (trade)


Scrap metals, ferrous (trade)

Scrap metals, non-ferrous (trade)

Precious metal ashes and scraps (trade)

Scrap, wire and cable (trade)

Scrap tyres and rubber waste (trade)

Waste, plastic scrap (trade)

Waste, textile fibre (trade)

Waste, textile mill (trade)

Waste, fellmongers' (trade)

Waste, carpet (trade)

Waste rope (trade)

Waste, hair (trade)

Waste, fur (trade)

Waste paper (trade)

Waste wood (trade)

Rags (trade)

Waste ash, slag, clinker and breeze (trade)

Scrapyards, motor vehicle, used parts (trade)

Car breakers

Waste glass and used bottles (trade)

Metal residues (trade)

By-products from iron and steel processing (trade)

Batteries, scrap (trade)

Scrap and waste, electrical and electronic equipment and components


Computer and telecommunication equipment, scrap (trade)

Abrasive materials waste (trade)

Scrap, seashell (trade)

Mica scrap/waste (trade)

Industrial machinery, second-hand

Components for industrial machinery, second-hand