Building materials and supplies (trade)

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Other Heat Insulation Materials


Frames, structural, metal, second-hand


Bricks, building (trade)

Slate and slate products (trade)

Wall and flooring tiles (trade)

Cement (trade)

Lime (trade)

Plaster and stuccoes (trade)

Gravel (trade)

Sand (trade)

Refractory materials (trade)

Asphalt and bitumen building materials (trade)

Asphalt roofing materials (trade)

Asphalt paving materials (trade)

Fibre cement building materials (trade)

Building timber (trade)

Building stone (trade)

Paving stones (trade)

Facing stones (trade)

Slabs, agglomerated marble (trade)

Granite blocks and slabs (trade)

Marble blocks, slabs and tiles (trade)

Roofing tiles (trade)

Roofing, sheet metal, plain and corrugated (trade)

Roofing sheets, fibre cement or plastic (trade)

Roof decking, metal (trade)

Pumice cement articles (trade)

Cement and concrete products for the building industry (trade)

Ceramic and clinker building products (trade)

Tiles, reinforced concrete and glass, for pavements and basements


Railings, gates and fences, metal (trade)

Window shutters, roll-up shutters, venetian blinds (trade)

Waterproofing materials and sealants, building industry (trade)

Soundproofing materials (trade)

Thermal insulation materials (trade)

Stoneware for the building industry (trade)

Plumbing, sanitary, drainage and rainwater goods and supplies (trade)

Decorative building products, wooden (trade)

Decorative building products, fibre cement (trade)

Decorative building products, plaster and stucco (trade)

Heavy metal constructions (trade)

Concrete formwork (trade)

Panels and partitions, wood, metal or plastic (trade)

False ceiling materials (trade)

Wall coverings, wood, cork or metal (trade)

Plasterboard (trade)

Builders' hardware (trade)

Window frames, metal, and metal framed windows (trade)

Builders' tools (trade)

Builders' tools and equipment, second-hand

Roof lights and domes (trade)

Doors and door frames, metal (trade)

Fireplaces, domestic (trade)

Foundation piles/bearing piles and piling, metal (trade)